It's BIG but it's CHEAP! New double wide mobile home tour! (2023)


Y’all been looking for some cheaper homes, I got you right here!! Hey friends, this is Chance with Chance's Home World and we have a very affordable double wide mobile home video tour video for you. Be sure to subscribe and like this video if you enjoy please!

This prefab house is rather big but doesn’t have a big price tag! The manufacturer for this house is Clayton Homes. The model for this home is the “Grove.” This home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and has roughly 1,800 total square foot. Let me know what you think about the video! I hope you enjoy this mobile home walk through video.

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We have been in the mobile home business for years, and thought why not upload videos about something we can relate to and deal with every day.

We have seen the mobile home business come such a long way. In the old days most people referred to mobile homes as a trailer house. However some of the manufactured homes we carry are far from “trailer houses.”

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Okay, all right you guys.

So I get asked all the time that y'all want to see some affordable homes.

Well, I chose this one to do here today, I'm at meadows homes.

This is in, uh, sir, sir what's up, just kidding.

Enjoy your day on your harley.

I hope if I got some harley fans, just kidding, I appreciate y'all.

But yeah, this is at meadows homes here in cookeville tennessee.

Let me give you just a quick look some of their amazing homes, we're doing a few.

So stay tuned to the channel.

Some are probably already out.

And I thought all the time I'm like y'all are like, I want to see some affordable homes.

I want to see affordable homes.

Well, this right here is one of my picks.

Okay, because this is a big four bedroom, two bath.

I think somewhere over 1700, square foot and we're going to talk about size and pricing and all that towards the end so stick around.

But just a really cool layout it's got a lot of pop a lot of flair to it.

So, you know what let's change it up even more and let's, go ahead and head in right now and I'll be messing around what what do y'all say does that deserve a like I don't know, maybe I really would appreciate it.

If you would this is the grove.

I am very thankful.

They allowed me to come video.

Some of their inventory.

We got the shake vinyl right here at our front door, black windows.

I don't know, if y'all noticed that I noticed that on this particular model, obviously you can do some customization and all those things and look at this.

They've already got the door open.

I really I really appreciate that y'all don't, forget to subscribe to the notification bell.

But with all that being said, let's, go I'm, telling you what it's getting hot.

It is showing up summertime here in tennessee I'm out here, sweating now.

So you walk in.

And like I said, I like this house because you know, number one thing was because of the affordability, but then just like the look of it.

You've got you still got a really big living room and look at the size of this kitchen island, we're going to look more at that, but just, and then when we get back there, the main bath and stuff it's, really nice separate tub shower.

Just you know for somebody that's wanting something you know as cheap as possible, but have everything they need, you know, big four bedroom.

I got you.

I got you fam, what how you doing? Okay back to the tour here's, our dining area, I didn't even go around the back that I'm a little I'm a little ashamed of that.

But I just felt too good want to head on in let's check out this kitchen.

So we got these counter tops down through here.

Look at all these drawers and cabinets.

And like I said, look at the size of this island.

We've even got a paint.

Uh, we got a pantry I'm gonna get to that.

Don't worry.

I like that light fixture a lot grateful.

I am sure hope you are.

I hope you're all having a blessed day.

I always say that, and I really do mean it.

I, you know, a lot of the reason why I do these tours is to try to encourage and motivate and maybe just lift somebody up.

I know, it's, tough, tough, tough times right now for everybody, yeah, y'all thought.

I didn't mean, I didn't miss it.

I was just talking.

I had to get that out.


Well, let's see kenny is, oh, yeah, you got everything you need in here, tomatoes and cut green beans.

I mean, that's, all you really need right? Nice.

I didn't know, it was gonna be a walking to be honest with you.

But we come around there took that little turn that was great to see? Okay, let's, uh, let's.

Look at this utility room while we're down here.

I bet there's gonna be a back door and even get back around there to show y'all.

But I bet that's what's going to be going going down in this one got you some coat hangers spot for your washer and your dryer laundry line.

What what is that I thought it was a utility room? Yep, we got us a back door.

I'd like to see that get those nice cubbies up top and down below now let's check out these bedrooms down here, that's, just some trim that's, not up.

Obviously, once this house is set up and delivered to set up all the trim and stuff will be finished.

And all that I'm gonna tell you look at that ain't that a pair.

Okay, sorry, I'm, getting distracted it's, getting late in the afternoon, it's hot.

I think I don't know what's going on.

I've been driving all day.

Okay, first bedroom, down.

So, yep, we got our first bath right here.

So shower, tub, combo in here, it's a good sized room, though a lot of times, you know, these second baths are kind of small, but this one's, not, you know, you gotta think about it.

You got three bedrooms down here.

So that's, good to see let's go in the next bedroom.

I'll briefly, show you these two and then we're gonna head on to that other end, it's good-sized, walk-in, closet, thermal paint windows, that's, a.

I mean, walk-in closet there as well.


Now let's go down to the other end.

Welcome to the grove.

Oh okay, makes me think of oxford like which is right up the road from I live officer.

Mississippi, you know, ole miss has got the grove been there.

A lot it's a good-sized room as you can tell quickly, I knew y'all seen you seen it coming.

You was waiting, but I'm.


I've been I'm gonna give you a full look don't worry, just some trim supplies and stuff in here.

Now it is time to go in here.

I love these sinks and these cabinets and stuff us.

Even in the second bath down there.

I really like the way just the colors and that that rustic look that it has and I'm, not even just the hugest fan of that.

But I like it in this home, I like the square porcelain sinks double sinks.

I love the countertop space, plus you have a window right there, but you got a mirror there mirror there, then you got some more windows over here.

But like I said, you got a separate tub and shower, here's, your standalone tub, fiberglass tub.

And then as well in this room, just a lot of square footage in here, got you some towel racks there here's that shower.

Now you could probably upgrade to a towel or something like that or maybe a beer.

You mean, could be some other options.

I really don't know on all that.

But you know in order for us to keep it at that lowest price possible.

This is uh.

And the price that we're going to go over is basically going to be just like this model right here.

But okay, I'd like to see that there got spot for towels and all that.

But yeah, look look at the size.


So stick around we're getting into some more information on this home.

But I do got to tell you if you haven't haven't subscribed and you're, still with us, I'm I'm, telling you go ahead and subscribe to notification bell.

If you want to see some of the other stuff that we have coming, uh, drop us.

A like, if you haven't that's going to help this video a lot and uh, and then lastly, maybe share this.

If you know, somebody's looking for something in that, lower price point range, but still needing a lot of size do that for me if you would thank you.

So there you have it.

We have officially toured an affordable big double wide.

But wait, we've got to talk about pricing.

Yeah, we do.

We got to get into surprising.

Uh, first off.

Let me say, though next week, I'm going to be dropping some tours from a new location, it's, uh, it's going to be real, sweet, it's, uh, some modular homes.

So y'all definitely come back.

Uh, not everyone was gonna be from there, but I still have other tours from places I've been as well.

But yeah, I just wanted to put that out there for you 6, 45 central's when the videos come out, tuesday thursday and saturday night.

And let me also say in the description, I got a few things that I want to tell you about first off.

We have the new members area, which is where I take a deep dive in every home that I toured each week where you can find out, you know, the states that carry that manufacturer, the uh, just a lot of in-depth information that you're not gonna find here on the channel.

Okay, we also have information in the description.

And lastly, in the description, we have our website link, which is what you would need to use.

You need to if you're in the market you're, looking to purchase one of these homes want to see about financing and pre-approvals.

And all that kind of stuff website link is in the description below okay.

But yeah, let's get into some my pricing on this home.

Now I have to put this disclaimer out there.

Okay, because I know I'm gonna say in the comment section or she are gonna be like can't believe you said, this was affordable I'm talking about compared to a lot of the other homes that we put on the channel.

And for this being such a big double wide, you do the square footage you divide it out per dollar square foot.

I guarantee you it's, a lot cheaper than most stuff you're going to find around your area, especially where I'm from, and I live in a small town, but just for reference, if you was to build a house where I live it's, at least 150 square foot, probably more than that, depending on, you know what you build.

And so yeah, that'll give you some reference.

But yeah, just a just a big house for a lower price.

Keep in mind that there could be the freight chargers and stuff that I can't account for county regulations, depending on where you are.

And this is for at the time of recording.

But this is delivered set up all that good stuff and it's gonna be right here right now up above us.

Give you a great idea? What you can get this home for I want to close that tonight's video by saying that I'm sure there's somebody that's watching that maybe you're going through some things, uh, some difficult times, maybe something you've never experienced in your life, uh.

And I just have, you know, just impressed to tell you that the lord knows exactly where you're at and don't give up on him and and and trying to get guidance from him during this time.

So I want to leave you with that don't give up keep pushing forward, keep pressing on, uh.

I hope y'all have a great weekend.

And next video will be tuesday night, 6, 45 central, I hope to see each.

And every one of you back see, ya.


How much are most double wides? ›

Generally speaking, a single-wide home will cost less than a double-wide since it's smaller in size. For a single-wide home, you can expect to pay anywhere from $45,000 - $73,000 or more. And a double-wide can end up costing anywhere from $82,000 - $132,000 or more.

What is the largest size double wide mobile home? ›

Double Wide Mobile Home Sizes & Dimensions

On the modest side, double-wides can run a low as 704 square feet or as large as 2,300 square feet. Much of that living space will be driven by state regulations regarding transportation. However, this class of mobile homes generally runs between 1,000 and 2,200 square feet.

What is the average cost of a new double wide mobile home in Florida? ›

Double-Wide vs.

Double Wides typically cost twice as much as single Wides because they are twice bigger. According to data obtained from the Census Bureau, new Double Wides cost an average of $139,900 in November 2021.

What is the biggest size mobile home? ›

In fact, it's common to find homes that vary quite a bit in their square footage, but have the same number of sections. A single-wide mobile home is most commonly between 900 and 1,440 square feet, but can be bigger or smaller. Meanwhile, a triple-section mobile home can be as large as 3,600 square feet.

Is a double wide the same as a manufactured home? ›

A double wide home is another type of manufactured home and isn't built on site. Because of this, a lot of customization options are available. These homes can be moved to anywhere you'd like, consisting of two sections, joined together to create a larger home.

Do double-wides depreciate in value? ›

Looking at all of these factors, the answer is yes -- most of the time. There's no guarantee that a mobile home will appreciate in value, but there's also no guarantee for stick-built homes either. Manufactured homes will typically appreciate in value over time as long as they are well-maintained.

How many square feet is a 14 by 80 mobile home? ›

14x80(76) / 1,013 Sq. Ft.

Who is the largest mobile home manufacturer in the US? ›

Clayton Homes (or Clayton) is the largest builder of manufactured housing and modular homes in the United States. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

How many square feet is a 32X60 mobile home? ›

The Cavco 3256 VMP is a 32X60, 1,792 Square Feet Mobile Home featuring 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths.

How much does a brand new mobile home cost in Florida? ›

The average cost of a manufactured home in Ocala is $70,500* with an average monthly payment (including land and site prep costs) of $632-1,264**. *This price is only representative of the cost of home construction.

How much do most mobile homes cost? ›

How Much Does a Single Wide Mobile Home Cost? Single-wide mobile homes are 10-16 ft wide and 42-90 ft long, with 600-1300 sq ft of living space. They come with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room, and an eat-in kitchen. New single-wides cost around $40,000, while used ones range from $10,000 to $25,000.

What are the closing costs for mobile homes in Florida? ›

Closing costs will always vary, but they're typically around two to five percent of the value of the mortgage loan. You can use a closing costs calculator to find the approximate amount you can expect to pay. Check with your lender to see if you can roll your closing costs into the balance of your mortgage.

What is the biggest home Clayton makes? ›

Largest Homes
  • The Freedom XL 3276 4BR.
  • Coronado 3766A.
  • 4710 Rocketeer 7632.
  • K3076B.
  • King Air.
  • Everest.
  • Summit.
  • Everest. 4 beds • 2 baths • 2,280 sq. ft.
Oct 4, 2021

What is the smallest double wide? ›

What is the smallest size of double wide? Double-wides can run as low as 704 square feet or as large as 2,300 square feet.

What is the average size of a double wide trailer? ›

Internal and External Double Wide Trailer Dimensions

The most common widths range from 20 to 32 feet while the length of a double wide trailer falls between 42 up to 60 feet. As for the interior space, double wide trailer dimensions range from 840 to 1,920 square feet.

Why is it called a double wide? ›

It's called a double wide because it has a floor plan with two sections that join together to create one large home.

How are double wide mobile homes framed? ›

Typically, manufactured homes begin with a steel I-beam frame that will support all of the weight when it is completed. After the frame has been welded together and stabilized, decking and a thin layer of concrete can be applied. Single-wides and double-wides are both supported by steel chassis.

What is the best foundation for a manufactured home? ›

The pier and beam system is the most popular foundation type for manufactured homes. With it, anchors are driven into the ground to hold the home down and protect it against wind. Then, steel straps connect the anchors to a main beam of the home's steel frame.

What increases the value of a mobile home? ›

Low-Cost Upgrades and Interior Finishes

Consider upgrading your appliances to increase the comfort level in your home as well as the energy efficiency. Other ideas for low-cost upgrades include a fresh coat of paint on interior walls, high-end bathroom fixtures like faucets and showerheads, and stylish light fixtures.

How long will a manufactured home last on a foundation? ›

How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last? The average lifespan of a manufactured home is about 20-30 years, comparable to traditional homes' lifespan.

How high are most mobile home ceilings? ›

Most older mobile homes have a standard 7 foot high ceilings. While this serves as a cozy atmosphere, it can be a major décor challenge if you want your home to feel larger and more spacious.

How many square feet is a 16 by 76 mobile home? ›

These single wide homes all have 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, and a single living room. They all include kitchen appliances as well. The homes are 1140-1178 square feet.

What is above the ceiling in a mobile home? ›

Most mobile homes and older manufactured homes (or lower end, more affordable models) have ceilings made of gypsum instead of drywall. Gypsum is a natural mineral used for blackboard chalk, drywall, and wallboards in mobile homes.

What state has the most mobile homes? ›

Number of cumulative mobile homes in the U.S. 2021, by state

As of December 2021, Texas was the U.S. state with the highest number of mobile homes, with 137,460 manufactured homes. Florida and Louisiana followed behind with 50,761 and 46,381 homes respectively.

Who owns the most mobile homes? ›

The largest mobile park landlord is real estate veteran Sam Zell.

What are the best quality manufactured homes? ›

This guide will explain the information that mobile home shoppers will want to know and highlight some of the top manufacturers on the market.
  • BEST OVERALL: Clayton Homes.
  • RUNNER-UP: Champion Home Builders.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Skyline Homes.
  • BEST FOR TINY HOMES: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.
Aug 16, 2022

How many square feet is 28x60 mobile home? ›

3 Bed | 2 Bath | 28x60 | 1580 sqft

The Jubilation is a new double-wide manufactured home that is the perfect large family home. The Jubilation features a large living room and large den, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, an open kitchen with an island, a dining area, and a utility room that fits a full-size washer and dryer.

What is the square footage of a 14x60 mobile home? ›

2 Bed | 2 Bath | 14x60 | 820 sqft.

How many square feet is a 24x56 mobile home? ›

Harmonie 24 X 56 1244 sqft Mobile Home | Champion Homes Center.

What is the best time of year to buy a mobile home in Florida? ›

The short answer: pick a hot day in the summer. Because Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in the US, competition for new or pre-owned mobile homes is fierce. Picking a hot summer day is your best time to buy because many Floridians are snowbirds, so they won't be in the state to increase competition.

Can I put a mobile home on my land in Florida? ›

If you have title to a permanently affixed mobile home and the land on which it is located, Florida Law requires that you declare your molbile home as real property. You must apply at the Property Appraiser's Office for a Real Property (RP) sticker. The sticker is then purchased at Tax Collector's Office.

What is the difference between a manufactured home and a mobile home in Florida? ›

The only difference between the two types of homes is the date they were built. According to HUD, a factory-built home prior to June 15, 1976 is a mobile home and one built after June 15, 1976 is a manufactured home.

Why are mortgage rates higher for mobile homes? ›

Many manufactured home purchases do not include the land they sit on. Thus, the asset is less secure for banks to lend against. Over 40% of manufactured homes are chattel loans – these contracts are designed for mobile homes and non-stationary property, and often have higher rates.

What are the sizes of mobile homes? ›

Single-wides are 18 feet (5.5 m) or less in width and 90 feet (27 m) or less in length and can be towed to their site as a single unit. Double-wides are 20 feet (6.1 m) or more wide and are 90 feet (27 m) in length or less and are towed to their site in two separate units, which are then joined.

How much is a mobile home in Texas? ›

The average cost of a site-built home in Texas is currently listed as $260,000; in comparison, modular homes, mobile homes, and manufactured homes can be custom built for anywhere from $55 to $75 per square foot—bringing the total cost to approximately $117,000.

How to buy a mobile home in Florida with no money down? ›

The Florida USDA Mortgage Home Buying Program:

The USDA mortgage program can be used for existing block, frame, or modular homes. It can also be used for new manufactured homes in Florida. The program is truly a zero down program.

Do you pay property taxes on mobile homes in Florida? ›

A mobile home will be: • Assessed and taxed as real property; • Subject to an annual license tax; or • Assessed and taxed as tangible personal property. The owner of a mobile home who permanently affixes his or her mobile home to land he or she owns must buy a RP (real property) decal. This is a one-time purchase.

How much are closing costs on a $300000 house in Florida? ›

Closing costs in Florida amount to an average of between 2.5% and 3% of the total loan amount. But that varies from one lender to another and also from one city to another. With an average loan amount of about $300,000, your Florida closing costs can be about $7,800.

Who is best cost effective modular home builder? ›

The Top Modular Home Manufacturers
  • Clayton Homes. Clayton Homes made the list of top modular home manufacturers due to its relatively affordable price points, ample options and fast timelines. ...
  • Champion Home Builders. ...
  • Impresa Modular. ...
  • Commodore Homes. ...
  • Deer Valley Homebuilders. ...
  • Blu Homes.
Feb 16, 2023

Who is the largest manufacturer of manufactured homes? ›

Clayton Homes is regarded as the largest modular home builder in the United States, but many other builders offer homes with more innovative designs and higher-quality building materials.

How much did Warren Buffett pay for Clayton Homes? ›

Berkshire Hathaway bought Maryville-based Clayton in 2003 for $1.7 billion. In 2016, Clayton delivered 42,075 units, 5 percent of all new American homes, though traditional site-built houses sold for much more, Buffett wrote in his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders on Saturday.

Is a double wide the same as a mobile home? ›

Eligible manufactured homes will be considered “double wide” will be no less than 20 feet in width and have no less than 600 square feet of living space inside. Some people think of a “double wide” and think it must be at least 16 feet wide, but the industry marker is actually just 12 feet.

How do you make a manufactured home look like a house? ›

How to enhance the exterior of your mobile home
  1. Install a unique front door and matching architectural accents. ...
  2. Repaint or repair your siding. ...
  3. Spruce up the skirting. ...
  4. Replace plain steps with a porch or a deck. ...
  5. Get creative with your carport. ...
  6. Play around with plants. ...
  7. Maximize any outdoor living space.
Oct 26, 2020

What's bigger than a double wide trailer? ›

Triple wide manufactured homes are manufactured homes built with three separate sections joined together. They are ideal for larger families or those who enjoy having extra space.

What is the most common trailer width? ›

The most common sizes for enclosed trailers are 5', 6', 7', and 8.5' widths. They are typically somewhere between 8' long and 32' long. As far as height, any sized enclosed trailer is traditionally 7' tall.

Do double-wides gain equity? ›

Will a new Manufactured Home build actual equity? Before we get into details, the short answer is YES! Manufactured Homes built by reputable builders that are affixed to permanent foundations hold the same value as traditionally-built homes.

How much are manufactured homes in Florida? ›

The average cost of a manufactured home in Ocala is $70,500* with an average monthly payment (including land and site prep costs) of $632-1,264**.

How much does a manufactured home cost in California? ›

How much does a manufactured home cost in California? The average starting price range for the construction of a modular home or manufactured home is $90 to $160 per square foot. The average starting cost of a 1,800 square-foot prefabricated home is $162,000.

How much does the average mobile home weigh? ›

According to Free Mobile Home Info, older homes typically weigh between 35 to 40 lbs. per square foot, while newer manufactured homes weigh anywhere from 45 to 50 lbs. per square foot. That means that if your mobile home is 800 square feet, it could weigh up to 40,000 lbs.

What builds the most equity in a home? ›

How To Build Equity In A Home
  1. Make A Big Down Payment. ...
  2. Refinance To A Shorter Loan Term. ...
  3. Pay Your Mortgage Down Faster. ...
  4. Make Biweekly Payments. ...
  5. Get Rid Of Mortgage Insurance. ...
  6. Throw Extra Money At Your Mortgage. ...
  7. Make Home Improvements. ...
  8. Wait For Your Home's Value To Increase.
Mar 29, 2023

Can home equity make you rich? ›

Home equity is considered an asset that increases your net worth, so building equity is a key part of building wealth over time. The more equity you have in your home, the better. To calculate how much you have in equity, subtract your mortgage balance from your home's market value.

Are mobile home prices going down in Florida? ›

Is Buying a Mobile Home in Florida a Good Investment? A recent report found mobile home prices increased an average of 34.6% from 2016 to 2021. This price increase is just slightly lower than the increase in single-family homes, showing that mobile homes don't lose value as much as mobile homes did back in the 70s.

How much is lot rent in Florida? ›

Depending on the community, these payments can be anywhere from $300 to $1200 a month in Central Florida. Those with a higher monthly lot rent are typically in sought-after communities with tons of amenities and located in popular areas.

How long do mobile homes last in Florida? ›

Manufactured homes are built to last at least 20 years; however, life depends on other factors such as climatic conditions, material used, and size. You can increase its life with regular maintenance and upkeep.

Do you have to pay sales tax on a manufactured home in California? ›

Manufactured homes in California are generally subject to two taxes: Sales tax or use tax at the time of sale or resale, and. Either the annual local property tax or the annual vehicle license fee, which is also called an in-lieu fee.

Can I put a mobile home in my backyard California? ›

Manufactured homes may be installed on a permanent basis on private property subject to a permit and approval by the Building and Safety Division. Whether a manufactured home is permitted or not is determined by the land use zoning district of the intended location.

Do you need a permit to put a manufactured home in California? ›

A Building Permit is required for an owner or contractor of a property to setdown or install a new or used manufactured home. Prior to setdown or install, you will be required to submit plans and any necessary supporting documentation for review and approval by the County.

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